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German Federal Bar
Public body under German law
Littenstraße 9
10179 Berlin
Phone: 030 - 28 49 39 – 0
Fax: 030 - 28 49 39 – 11
E-mail: [hidden e-mail address]

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Authorised representative:
President lawyer Ekkehart Schäfer

Supervisory authority
Federal Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection
Mohrenstraße 37
11015 Berlin

Important note: German Federal Bar is the umbrella organisation of the regional bar associations in Germany. Due to its tasks as laid down by law it is not authorised to give legal advice, to inspect behaviour of particular lawyers or to inspect accounts-for-charges with respect to correctness. Hence we kindly ask to refrain from such enquiries.

Professional supervision of lawyers is exercised exclusively by the regional bars (Rechtsanwaltskammer). If you wish to introduce a complaint about a lawyer’s conduct, please contact the competent regional bar. You will find that bar’s address in the search results.